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Mel Harder; Steve O'Neill; Bob FELLER;

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The short bio from the Helmar-R319 card back: Depicted here are two aces of the Cleveland staff along with manager “Steve” O’Neill. Teenager “Bob” Feller led the league last year with 240 strikeouts, and 208 walks. He posted 17 wins and 11 losses. Helmsman O’Neill is trying to corral Feller’s wildness. Meanwhile “Mel” Harder chalked up 17 wins against 10 losses and a 3.83 ERA. Pitcher “Johnny” Allen racked up 14 wins and only 8 losses. The rest of the staff wasn’t so hot. It’s expected that “Rapid Robert” and “Mel” will lead the staff in 1939 and for many years to come.

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