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Frank Wickware


Frank Wickware is considered the premiere Negro League pitcher of the 1910’s. Known as "The Big Red Ant", Wickware posted an 18-1 record in 1910 while tossing for Rube Foster's Leland Giants. His success in Chicago led to offers from other teams and he eventually jumped to Schenectady’s Mohawk Giants in July, 1913. That season he stunned the crowd during one game when, with two out in the last inning, he called his outfield in and struck out the final batter. Frank gained great fame while outdueling the great Walter Johnson in two games out of three during 1913-1914. Johnson, at the peak of his career during that time, had posted a phenomenal 34-7 record with a 1.09 ERA for 1913. Wickware and Johnson both came from the same hometown, Coffeyville , Kansas, leading sportswriters to often refer to Wickware as the "Black Walter Johnson".

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