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John Montgomery WARD (HOF)


The short bio from the Helmar-R319 card back: John Ward is not only the most important ball player in the circuit, he is one of the most prominent men to be found in the country today. It is true that other players may have a bit more talent but Ward’s off-field position as a pioneering unionist has made him a household name. It was Ward that was the brains behind the Player’s League of a couple of seasons ago, that grand experiment that roiled the baseball world and became a warning to tight-fisted capitalists across the fruited plain. The league may have lasted only one season before collapsing but he will never be forgotten for his efforts.


Birth Date: March 3, 1860
Birth Location: Bellefonte, PA
Death Date: March 4, 1925
Death Location: Augusta GA, USA
Weight: 165 lb
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Bats: L
Throws: R
Debut Date: July 15, 1878
Final Game Date: September 29, 1894
Years Played: 17
Games Played: 1,827
At Bats: 7,656
Runs: 1,410
Hits: 2,107
Doubles: 231
Triples: 96
Home Runs: 26
RBIs: 869
Stolen Bases: 540
Base on Balls: 421
Batting Average: 0.275
Position: Short Stop

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