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Ty Cobb says: “Bobby Wallace, for several seasons the shortstop of the St. Louis Browns, has much of my admiration and respect for his ability. In the first place, Wallace has been working with bad legs for several seasons, but he has been doing as much damage as any shortstop with whole legs, and a team around him of the caliber of the St. Louis Browns, could be expected to do. He is very brainy, and the one man playing shortstop who absolutely knows how to cover the position with the greatest effect all the time. His brains kept him in the game for a long time after he became badly worn and frayed physically.”

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Birth Date: November 4, 1873
Birth Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Death Date: November 3, 1960
Death Location: Torrance CA, USA
Weight: 170 lb
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Bats: R
Throws: R
Debut Date: September 15, 1894
Final Game Date: September 2, 1918
Years Played: 25
Games Played: 2,383
At Bats: 8,618
Runs: 1,057
Hits: 2,309
Doubles: 391
Triples: 143
Home Runs: 34
RBIs: 1,121
Stolen Bases: 201
Base on Balls: 774
Batting Average: 0.268
Position: Short Stop

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