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Dummy Taylor


John J. McGraw says: Taylor [a deaf mute] turned to me and began telling me on his fingers what he thought of [umpire] O'Day. All of the Giants had learned the deaf-mute finger language and the players on the bench laughed at the terrible things he was saying about the umpire. Suddenly O'Day flew into a rage, apparently. “That'll cost you $25 !” he yelled, and then, to the astonishment of Taylor and all the rest of us, he started using his fingers. “You are out of the game—get off the field,” he said in the deaf-mute language. The umpire had understood everything that Taylor had said about him. It developed that O’Day had a relative who was a deaf-mute and he had learned the finger language perfectly.”


Birth Date: February 21, 1875
Birth Location: Oskaloosa, KS
Death Date: August 22, 1958
Death Location: Jacksonville IL, USA
Weight: 160 lb
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Bats: R
Throws: R
Debut Date: August 27, 1900
Final Game Date: September 29, 1908
Years Played: 10
Games Played: 276
At Bats: 645
Runs: 51
Hits: 93
Doubles: 6
Triples: 4
Home Runs: 0
RBIs: 41
Stolen Bases: 1
Base on Balls: 41
Batting Average: 0.144
Position: Pitcher

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