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Sammy Strang


John J. McGraw says: “Strang was always a good hitter and very fast. He also was a good third baseman, a good second baseman and a good outfielder. The trouble was that he never cared about one position very long. He would go in and play second or third like a house afire for a few weeks and then lose his pep. He would get tired of the job. He liked new sensations. Give him any new job and he was such a naturally good ball player that he would go great guns. As soon as the novelty wore off he would get lazy. … Sammy Strang, in another carriage, was hit on the side of the head with an overripe cantaloupe. When we finally escaped and reached the hotel, anyone to look at our carriage would have thought that we had been hauling garbage. That sort of thing happened frequently.”


Birth Date: December 16, 1876
Birth Location: Chattanooga, TN
Death Date: March 13, 1932
Death Location: Chattanooga TN, USA
Weight: 160 lb
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Bats: B
Throws: R
Debut Date: July 10, 1896
Final Game Date: June 4, 1908
Years Played: 11
Games Played: 903
At Bats: 2
Runs: 479
Hits: 790
Doubles: 112
Triples: 28
Home Runs: 16
RBIs: 253
Stolen Bases: 216
Base on Balls: 464
Batting Average: 0.269
Position: Third Baseman

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