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The short bio from the Helmar-R319 card back: Signing “Lindy” may turn out to be a great stroke of luck for Brooklyn! A 12-year veteran, he will be just 30 years old this coming 1936 campaign. With a career batting average of .312, it is hard to see how they can go wrong. Born in Chicago, Freddie made the Giants as a third baseman when he was just 18 years old. That fall, thanks to an injury to Heinie Groh, he was the regular player at that slot for the World Series. Talk about being on top of the world! He did well at bat against the Senators, knocking out 10 hits, four runs batted in, and a .333 average. If Lindy can overcome the injuries that have plagued him the last few seasons, Brooklyn has made a bargain!

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