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John J. McGraw says: “Buck Ewing for general all around excellence as a backstop never had an equal. He was smart and aggressive. He came as near to being a catcher without a single weakness as the game has ever known. In fact, Buck Ewing was a Ty Cobb behind the bat. He had a mental capacity equal to his playing ability. Ewing could handle a team perfectly. He was compelled to do that with the old-time Giants, because Jim Mutrie, the nominal manager, was more of a business man than a team director.”


Birth Date: October 17, 1859
Birth Location: Hoagland, OH
Death Date: October 20, 1906
Death Location: Cincinnati OH, USA
Weight: 188 lb
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Bats: R
Throws: R
Debut Date: September 9, 1880
Final Game Date: May 27, 1897
Years Played: 18
Games Played: 1,315
At Bats: 5,363
Runs: 1,129
Hits: 1,625
Doubles: 250
Triples: 178
Home Runs: 71
RBIs: 883
Stolen Bases: 354
Base on Balls: 392
Batting Average: 0.303
Position: Catcher

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