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Ty Cobb on Ty Cobb: "Many fans have asked me why I always swing three bats. Originally it was my intention to make the one bat feel lighter when I went to the plate, and this practice has developed the muscles of my shoulders and back wonderfully, because the three sticks weigh approximately one hundred and twenty ounces. But I have had great luck in hitting while swinging three bats, and I would not give it up now at any price. Aside from the superstition of it, I believe the juggling of three bats, while waiting for my turn, has done me a lot of good, since it has developed me from a rather slight build to a player who is very strong in the back and arms, which strength enables me to drive the ball.”

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Birth Date: December 18, 1886
Birth Location: Narrows, GA
Death Date: July 17, 1961
Death Location: Atlanta GA, USA
Weight: 175 lb
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Bats: L
Throws: R
Debut Date: August 30, 1905
Final Game Date: September 11, 1928
Years Played: 24
Games Played: 3,035
At Bats: 11,436
Runs: 2,247
Hits: 4,189
Doubles: 724
Triples: 295
Home Runs: 117
RBIs: 1,944
Stolen Bases: 896
Base on Balls: 1
Batting Average: 0.366
Position: Center Fielder

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